Sunday, 23 May 2010

It Starts Here

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Union between Scotland and England has served it's purpose and is now nearing an end. The reasons that brought the two together: empire, economic imperatives and external military threats, are long gone. Were we two separate nations now, as we were in 1700, there would be no question of a Union between us. As the recent General Election has revealed, we are two distinct nations growing further and further apart, struggling to understand each other.

As England goes through the process of rediscovering her identity post-empire it is time for us as Scots to take our own path again.

The political map of Scotland is skewed. The mood for independence has been bitterly suppressed by a media supine to the needs of parties slavishly aping their London masters. On the face of it there is a clear divide between Unionist and Nationalist, but the bitter fighting between Labour & the SNP disguises the fact that all of the parties are about Big Government with centralised offices of State interfering to a growing degree in the lives of individuals. The SNP simply want the office to be in Holyrood rather than Westminster,

I believe Scots aspire to more. I believe that in the 21st Century it is ridiculous that we still allow ourselves to be ruled by a narrow clique. I believe that Scotland can lead the world and inspire other dead democracies by embracing Direct Democracy in a way similar to the Swiss model where citizens can call referendums and engage directly with the political process.

I believe Scots deserve a choice about the EU. Unfortunately the SNP simply want to take the title deeds to our future from Westminster and hand them to Brussels. That is not independence, just a switch of political master. I want an Independent Scotland to be a Gateway to Europe; a member of EFTA and similar organisations trading freely with Europe and being free to build the society we as Scots want.

I believe it's time for balance in Scottish politics. There are far too many parties of the left, including the SNP, whilst the Conservatives are discredited, irrelevant and tied to London.

Do you want a truly Independent Scotland, free of the EU?

Do you believe in Direct Democracy?

Do you want to cut back State interference in your life?

Do you want to end Scotland’s pariah status as benefit junkies?

Do you want policies based on fact not media hype?

Do you want to have a choice in your life and a say in your Nation’s future?

Then come and talk to us.

We want people to join us and help prepare a challenge for the Holyrood Elections of 2011. We want people to help formulate policies, develop strategies, lead teams and stand as candidates. We need people with the imagination to break out of the rut created by our present politicians. If you think you have something to contribute in helping this Nation to realise its potential, contact us at